Properly taking care of your house’s plumbing system is an important part of homeownership. However, many homeowners may only call plumbers in the case of an emergency, such as a pipe leak, clogged drain, or toilet malfunction. These types of emergency plumbing calls are inconvenient, stressful, and expensive, and in fact many of them could be avoided with regular plumbing maintenance.

You can lower your risk of experiencing a plumbing emergency– and having to give up the associated cost and time– by ensuring your home’s plumbing system receives regular inspections from a certified plumbing professional. A plumbing and HVAC technician can ensure that your plumbing system is properly maintained and identify any small issues before they have the time to become big problems.


As your home ages, its plumbing system undergoes a significant amount of wear and tear. Plumbing maintenance can counteract the deterioration that happens over time and keep the pipes and plumbing appliances in your home functioning well. The benefits of regular plumbing maintenance include:

  • Reducing the amount of water your household uses. There may be small leaks occurring within your home’s pipes that are difficult for a non-professional to notice. Over time, these leaks waste a significant amount of water and add money to your utility bill.
  • Preventing stressful emergency issues. Plumbing professionals are often able to detect issues while they’re still minor, meaning you can resolve them with a simple repair rather than a full replacement.
  • Saving you money over the long run. Investing in plumbing maintenance is a wise practice, as it reduces the likelihood of experiencing a catastrophic event such as a burst pipe, mineral build-up, or a water blockage, all of which can be extremely expensive to fix.
  • Extending the lifespan of your plumbing system. Properly maintaining and taking care of your home’s pipes and plumbing appliances can make them last longer, letting you go longer before paying for a replacement.


During a maintenance visit, your plumber will check your home’s pipes for cracks or leaks, and can even use a specially-designed camera to check for damage inside the drains and pipe system of your home. They’ll also check toilets, valves, and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers for leaks, excessive running, installation issues, and other risks.

Plumbing maintenance inspections also involve checking your home’s water pressure to make sure it’s not too high or low. Low water pressure may indicate leaks, and high water pressure can cause undue stress on your pipe system, leading to corrosion and other forms of damage.


In general, it’s best to schedule professional plumbing maintenance services for your home around every two years. This allows for effective inspections of your entire home’s plumbing system.

However, there are a number of situations in which it’s best to increase the frequency of inspections to once a year or more. One of these is if your home is over 40 years old, which means your pipes and plumbing system could have seriously deteriorated over time.

Another case in which you should seek maintenance more often is if you’re moving into or out of a home. If you’re selling, an inspection can be done ahead of time to ensure you avoid any surprises later on in the sale process. If you’re buying, a plumbing inspection is a good way to cover your bases as most home inspectors do not specialize in plumbing issues.


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